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Beneficiaries' Pension pursuant to Secs. 500 et seq. of the General Social Security Act (ASVG)

Austrian pension law takes in account the fact that Austrian Holocaust survivors have suffered considerable disadvantages under social security law as a result of persecution and expulsion. The so-called "provisions regarding beneficiaries" are stipulated by Secs. 500 et seq. of the General Social Security Act (ASVG).
"Beneficiary" means that Austrian Holocaust survivors living outside of Austria are able to "buy" pension years in Austria, up to 180 insurance months, at favorable rates in order to earn an entitlement to an Austrian old-age pension.

Until February 2002 the group of beneficiaries covered by a pension law included only persons persecuted by the Nazi regime who were born no later than December 31, 1932. The Washington Agreement of January 2001 expanded the provisions regarding beneficiaries to include Holocaust survivors born between January 1, 1933, and March 12, 1938.

After years of efforts, including those on the part of the IKG Vienna, another change in legislation made it possible to grant Austrians Holocaust Survivors who were born between March 13, 1938 and May 8, 1945 to buy pension years in Austria at favorable rates as well.
The relevant amendment of the General Social Security Act (ASVG) entered into force on August 1, 2009.

If necessary, recipients of the beneficiaries' pension are also entitled to receive care benefits up to level 7 in addition to their Austrian pension.

For individual advice and information on entitlements to social insurance for Austrian survivors of the Shoah, please contact the Center for Psychosocial Care ESRA.

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