Historical registration files (1910 until ca. 1975), registration files from 1975 Subject matter: Historical registration files (registration forms and indexes) of the Vienna Federal Police Directorate from approximately 1910 to 1975. For registration information after 1975, the documents can be found at the Municipal Department 62 [MA 62]
Content: Registration data - address, period of registration, registered persons with personal information, religion, de-registration with destination location/country
Affected persons: All persons who were registered independently in Vienna
Vienna City Archives, Municipal Department 8 [MA 8]
Gasometer D
Guglgasse 14
1100 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-4000-84808
E-mail: post@ma08.wien.gv.at
Web: http://www.archiv.wien.at
Municipal Department 62
Lerchenfelder Straße 4
1080 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-4000-89424
E-mail: post@ma62.wien.gv.at
Web: http://www.wien.gv.at/verwaltung/ma62/
"Lehmanns Wohnungsanzeiger", Vienna address book Catalogue: All persons registered in Vienna as heads of household (listed according to name, street and house number); companies in Vienna registered with the commercial court (listed alphabetically according to company name, as well as according to sector and company name)
Content: For private persons: family name, first name, occupation, address, Land Register number (EZ) and owner of the property; for companies: address, owner, partner(s), governing board members, persons vested with general commercial power of representation (Prokurist), reference to Company Register
Library of the Austrian State Archives [ÖStA]
Nottendorfer Gasse 2
1030 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-79540-115
E-mail: stabpost@oesta.gv.at
Web: http://www.austria.gv.at/site/4998/default.aspx
Vienna City Archives [MA 8]
(see above)
Telephone books for Vienna Catalogue: All persons who owned a telephone connection in Vienna
Content: Listings according to participant/name, as well as number catalogues/listings according to telephone number
Vienna City Library at City Hall (Stair 4, 1st floor), Open stacks
City Hall
1082 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-4000-84920
E-mail: post@wienbibliothek.at
Web: http://www.wienbibliothek.at
Registers of the Jewish Communities Content: Information on births, marriages, deaths, members leaving the community. Registration entries of individual persons can help identify parents and other relatives.
Affected persons: (Former) members of each of the Jewish communities
Jewish Communities [IKG], Registration Office
Desider-Friedmann-Platz 1
1010 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-53104-172
E-mail: i.wulz@ikg-wien.at
Web: http://www.ikg-wien.at
Files of the Vienna People's Court (Volksgericht)
Subject matter: Files dating from 1945 to 1955 for cases against suspected Nazi perpetrators tried before the court in accordance with the law banning National-Socialist activities [VG] and/or the War Criminals Act [KVG]
Content: Particularly relevant for research into the perpetrators, exact information in suspected Nazi perpetrators, as well as victims of "aryanization" or Nazi persecution
Vienna City Archives, Municipal Department 8 [MA 8] (see above)
Files kept in accordance with the Ordinance on Declaration of Seized Assets [VEAV] Subject matter: Information on the kind and value appraisal of objects, on the acquirer ("aryanizer") and often restitution findings and settlements. Affected persons: Persons seizing assets ("aryanizers") were obligated under the 1946 Ordinance on Declaration of Seized Assets to declare these seized assets with the municipal district offices. Victims were also able to fill out registration forms. Vienna City Archives,
Municipal Department 8
[MA 8]
(see above)
Land registers and official documents (historical and current) Content: The land registers record the ownership of real estate including all of the mortgage-related encumbrances and changes relating to ownership and surface area (sale, pre-emption rights, etc.). The collection of official documents contains corresponding documents on the sale, encumbrance or the seizing of a real estate property, in some cases partial findings as well, infrequently decisions and settlements from restitution proceedings. Competent provincial archives and/or district courts
Asset Declaration [VA] from the Jewish Property Declaration Office's "List of Jewish Property as of April 27, 1938" Content: All of the domestic and foreign assets concerning real estate, company assets, securities, payables, savings deposits, income, pensions, insurance policies, objects of value, jewelry, objects of art, copyright and patent rights, debts.
The attached correspondence often includes details on the living conditions, also as a rule the amount of Reich Flight Tax ("Security Order", "Sicherheitsbescheid") and Jewish Property Tax ("Juva"), information on ownership of art (however, very seldom appraisal lists)
Affected persons: Essentially all persons considered Jews under the Nuremberg Laws, and/or were married to such persons and had assets worth over 5,000 Reichmarks. Foreign nationals were not required to declare their foreign assets.
Austrian State Archives, Archive of the Republic [AdR],
Department of Finance [06], Jewish Property Declaration Office [VVSt]
Nottendorfer Gasse 2
1030 Vienna
Tel.: +43-1-79540-251
E-Mail: hubert.steiner@oesta.gv.at and dr.hubertsteiner@outlook.de
Web: http://www.oesta.gv.at
Aryanization files of the Jewish Property Declaration Office [VVSt], Departments of Trade [Ha], Commerce [Gew], Industry [Ind], Statistics [Stat], Commissioners und Trustees, Real Estate [Lg] Subject Matter: Aryanization files referring to companies in the trade, commercial and industrial sectors and to real estate.
Content: Purchase agreements, approval issued by the VVSt (with information on purchase price and "de-Jewification fee"), expert auditing reports on the value of the companies in question, expert appraisals for real estate, information on seller, buyers (including political character references), information on the modalities of the transfer of ownership and purchase price reimbursement
Austrian State Archives, Archive of the Republic [AdR], Department of Finance [06], Jewish Property Declaration Office [VVSt] (see above)
Files of the regional personnel department of the NSDAP for the “Gau” Vienna Subject matter/Content: "Gau" files - files kept by the NSDAP on persons seeking membership in the NSDAP and/or were NSDAP members, or alternatively in some cases on "undesirable" persons under the National-Socialist regime
Austrian State Archives, Archive of the Republic [AdR],
Department Home Affairs [02]
Nottendorfer Gasse 2
1030 Vienna
Tel.: +43-1-79540-251
E-Mail: adrpost@oesta.gv.at
Web: http://www.oesta.gv.at/
Files (also restitution files) of the regional finance authority [FLD] Subject matters: The FLD was and is the head authority for all of the district finance authorities, it controlled Jewish assets and coordinated the seizure of assets by means of taxation ("Tax on Jewish Property", Reich Flight Tax) before deportation. After 1945 it was the decision-making instance for restitution under the First and Second Restitution Acts
Content: Variety of information on the assets of persecuted persons and decisions on restitution.
Austrian State Archives, Archive of the Republic [AdR], Department of Finance [06], [FLD] (see above)
Register and accounting ledgers of the Gestapo Administration Authority for Jewish Removals (Vugesta) Subject matter: Register and accounting ledgers for ca. 6,000 persons whose removals were seized by the Gestapo Administration Authority for Jewish Removals (Vugesta).
Content: Names and addresses of residence of the émigrés, name of the forwarding company in question, sum and place of sale (Dorotheum, "private contract sales")
Austrian State Archives, Archive of the Republic [AdR], Department of Finance [06], (see above)
Files of the Old and New Assistance Funds (AHF and NHF) Subject matter: Starting in 1956 former victims of National-Socialist persecution, who had a permanent place of residence abroad, were able to file claims.
Content: Information on National-Socialist persecution, various reports and descriptions are often found in the files.
Austrian State Archives, Archive of the Republic [AdR], Department of Finance [06], New Assistance Fund, Old Assistance Fund (see above)
Files of the Compensation Fund [AF] Subject matter: Starting in 1961 either the victims themselves or their heirs were able to file a claim.
Content: Information on discriminating taxes (Reich Flight Tax, Jewish Property Tax) and their compensation; information on bank accounts, securities, real estate, etc. On occasion also restitution findings or out-of-court findings that are no longer locatable elsewhere.
Austrian State Archives, Archive of the Republic [AdR], Department of Finance [06], Compensation Fund (see above)
Files of Collection Agencies A and B [SA, SB] Subject matter: The "heirless" or unclaimed assets of victims of National-Socialist persecution were identified by two so-called "Collection Agencies" - for "heirless" assets of Jewish victims and political victims (and sold/utilized to the benefit of victims of National-Socialism) Austrian State Archives, Archive of the Republic [AdR], Department of Finance [06], Collection Point A, Collection Point B (see above)
Files from the First Act on the Determination of Ownership of Works of Art and Cultural Assets from1969 [KK1] - and the Second Act on the Determination of Ownership of Works of Art and Cultural Assets from the year 1986 [KK2] Subject matter: Under both laws owners or their legal successors were able to assert claims for the surrender of so-called "heirless" works of art and cultural assets against the Republic of Austria.
Content: Information on claimants and victims, seizures, claims for works of art (Note: Numerous files contain the corresponding file from the regional finance authority [FLD])
Austrian State Archives, Archive of the Republic [AdR], Department of Finance [06], [FLD], [KK1], [KK2] (see above)
Estate files district courts and provincial archives Content: Last wills and testaments, certificates of inheritance (legal decision on inheritance), documents on estate proceedings (probate proceedings). Affected persons: Deceased persons, whose estate was processed in Austria Depending on the date of death:
Competent provincial archives or district courts
List of names of Austrian Holocaust victims (database) Content: Family name, first name, date of birth, place of deportation, date of deportation and — to the extent known — date of death and place of death. Affected persons: Around 62,000 registered names of Austrian victims of the Shoah. Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance Movement [DÖW]
Altes Rathaus
Wipplingerstraße 6-8
1010 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-22 89-469/319
E-mail: office@doew.at
Web: http://www.doew.at/ausstellung/shoahopferdb.html
Files from the Austrian Federal Office for the Care of Monuments (Bundesdenkmalamt) Archive regarding art expropriation and art restitution:
Restitutions materials
Export archive
Photo archive
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Access/opening hours Access to the archive of general restitution materials is not limited.
Access to the archive of person-related restitution materials is limited for reasons of data protection and the preservation of private interests.
Archive opening hours: Thursday 9 AM-1 PM, Friday 9 AM-1 PM
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Office of the Commission for Provenance Research
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